Sunday, February 5, 2012

Reporting in from Aiken!

24 hours in Aiken. Already in love. Only cried about 10 times over my poor horse whose still limited to walking. Actually, Katchi and I both had a cry when our hand grazing exploration took us out to behind the turn out fields where we discovered the most beautiful open field, just begging to be galloped across. Katchi gazed across it with longing eyes, and sighed. I shed a few tears. But here we are - and we love it. And I guess, mandated to walking and strolling, we may not cover as much ground, but we'll have more time to enjoy all the details of the scenery.

Was able to watch Silva teach and ride a bit yesterday afternoon - I actually think Katchi was pretty sad to know Silva was there, but not for him. He really loves her! AND her dog! In the picture is Barbara (our Maryland dressage travelling partner), Silva's dog, Silva's mom (visiting from Germany), Silva, my mom (from California), me & Katchi.

The trails we will be walking, walking, and walking. Katchi met his first pine cone yesterday! Katchi said, "oh, what's that, food? OUCH! Prickley!" It was too cute!

Uh, can you say French castle??? This is the main barn on the property where we're staying. I'd love to say Katchi is loving his chateau, but our stabling is tucked around the corner, behind a "privacy wall" shielding the shantytown stalls from the castle. Oh well, it's all good!

And then we found downtown Aiken. OH MY! Here is Barbara heading into "Equine Divine" - it's an equestrian's fantasy shop. Every cute little everything you could ever want with a horse on it. Not to mention some amazing art work, stunning custom boots - and Dubarrys (complete with champagne!!). I'm not sure if it's an every Saturday thing, but they had quite a spread of self-serve beer, wine, appetizers, and cup cakes!!! Did I mention I love Aiken?!

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  1. Ask Barb whart she's going to bring back for Jen and Joan ;-D