Thursday, February 23, 2012

Katchi's Aiken "Adventures"

Late Monday night, we made it safely back home to Maryland. Aiken a fading memory, like a dream. I cannot believe it's come and gone, and now I have to wait until next year to make my Aiken training and competing dreams come true. But the trip was good. It was Katchi's rehab visit to the Betty Ford Center, like the Hollywood star he thinks he is! My mom was his personal nurse (and chef!). And, he was (almost) a perfect patient. No photos of blue ribbons won or videos of awesome training sessions, but here are a few photos of Katchi's Aiken "Adventures" (or non-adventures!).

Katchi spent hours walking and halting in front of mirrors - perfecting every step, which warranted much a huff and puff from the tortured pony!

When he wasn't having the living S*&! scared out of him by ... wait for it... teeny tiny birds (that clearly were prepared to turn into horse eating savages at any moment!) - Katchi quite enjoyed walking the hills of Aiken. He huffed and puffed out there too - apparently hills work a pony's butt!

And then he ate hay. A lot of hay.

And he ate some grass too. Well, a lot of grass actually.

And while Katchi ate grass, my mom and I enjoyed many a beautiful Aiken sunrise and sunset.

And, still Katchi ate grass. Hours and hours worth of hand grazing. Katchi really does have the best grandma in the whole world!

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