Saturday, January 28, 2012

The tragedy of a one-horse string

There are a lot of times when I love having one horse. I love giving my undivided attention to one. I love knowing one horse, like he's an extension of my own self (and soul!). I love that I never get tired of riding my one horse. But, this is not one of those weeks. This is one of those weeks when I realize the tragedy of having a one-horse string. This is a week when I want a string of 10 horses. So if one needs a few days off, there are 9 others happily waiting to pick up the slack.

We leave for my first trip ever to Aiken, SC on Friday morning. And wouldn't you know it, Katchi has picked this week to convince Dr. Allen to prescribe 30 days of restricted light work on account of a very sore foot. No Aiken competitions. No Aiken jumping with Phillip. I can do a walking dressage lesson with Silva. Not exactly the stuff dreams are made of. My mom and I talked about cancelling the trip, but we've decided to persevere. So, Katchi will go to Aiken to walk. And to swim. And to watch the USET training sessions. And to come home rested and ready to go back to full work.

As we all know, the more time you spend around horses, the more times you will have your heart broken. And while my heart is pretty broken right now, I'm also so very thankful that the prognosis looks very hopeful that Katchi will be back to full work in no time and we'll be charging full speed into the spring season! And I'm trying to keep the tears to a minimum and keep my mind thinking forward and positive and to all the things we can accomplish while we're walking - perfecting our rein back, turn on the haunches, no stirrups, two-point (with no stirrups?!? AGH!), walking lateral work... there really are a million things you can do at the walk if you think about it.

And just as I've been trying to keep myself focused on an exciting year to come, I found just the pick me up I needed - a new promotional video for Hagyard Midsouth has been released, and wouldn't you know it, there's my Katchi racing around at the T3D's awards ceremony, with me flashing a huge smile! Just seeing my smile atop my favorite and best one horse, reminded me again why it's not so bad having a one-horse string.

Katchi zips past at 3:25


  1. Jingles to you and Katchi! Most horsemen/women know what you're going through and feel your pain.

  2. I'm so sorry Cherie! Think of all those 8s and 9s you're going to have on your walks this year :) Enjoy your trip to Aiken.

  3. jingles. Enjoy Aiken anyway and don't forget the free walk!

  4. Oh Cherie, I'm SO sorry :(
    Hang in there and enjoy Aiken, I'm sure that there will be lots to do that will make the trip worth while! Best wishes.

  5. Cherie! Just saw this, and bummed you won't get to compete, but the trip to Aiken will still be fabulous. Warm weather & the training sessions will be the best inspiration!