Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Aiken Dream Farms

Does anyone want to buy a condo in Maryland? I think I'm going to be a squatter in Aiken! One good thing about Katchi being on limited work - my mom and I have been driving all over looking at the most amazing farms! It's like equestrian heaven. I mean, seriously, this is the stuff dreams are made of! And not just my dreams, Katchi's dreams too!

Here are some photos of farms in Three Runs Plantation - an equestrian community with bridle paths, jumping and dressage rings, community pool, and...

If I don't show up in Maryland next week, come look for me here. It's vacant and for sale. And possession is 9/10ths of the law, right??

The most striking thing to me about the Aiken farms are the variety of designs that attach the house to the barn, but not just in the same ol' house in the loft design.

This one is a bit of a mystery to me - hole in the middle, barn in the back, house in the front??

4 stall barn - tiny house attached at the side - perfect!

4 stall barn, car port.

Let me guess - Dressage barn??

Not in Three Runs Plantation, but not far down the road, this adorable house overlooks a gallop track, cross country schooling field, and lake!

This barn is at Full Gallop Farm - I LOVE the pull down doors on the left side of the walkway - close for cold and wind, open for fresh air!

Here is the barn Silva is based out of this year - it's still under a bit of construction, but it's absolutely beautiful and will be stunning when it's all finished.

Who needs cross ties when you have a tack up cart (at Silva's barn)!

This weekend, we didn't get Maryland's snow, but we sure got the cold! Was down to 20 at night, and my poor mom from San Diego was totally under-dressed. But, a trip to Tractor Supply, and mom got "all rugged up"!

Yesterday was quite a treat for me when I got to introduce my fabulous old friend, Erica Fica, to Katchi! I met Erica many years ago in Texas when she was a pony club instructor/volunteer/mentor. Erica helped me to get to my very first recognized horse trials, and while my mom and I saw her at WEG, it was so wonderful for her to meet Katchi. And Katchi was even allowed to trot for 3 minutes yesterday! He sighed a lot, but I think he was super happy to do something other than WALK!


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