Saturday, July 2, 2011

Pony Ride Birthday Party

Yesterday was my birthday - I turned 34. And like any horse crazy little girl, I wanted to have a birthday party with pony rides - so that's just what I did!

Today, 10 horses plus 1/2 a horse (more on that later!) joined Katchi and me at Rosaryville Park for a pony ride birthday party! Oh, their humans came along too - 15 fabulous friends came along, with loads of food and drink in tow too! What more could any girl ask for to celebrate her birthday?!

To start off the festivities, we headed out for a ride around the park - a little gallop in the open fields (and my lovely new student Karrie successfully didn't die while cantering around the field!), nearly got run over by some speeding bikes which helpfully screamed "BIKE!" as our horses spun and tried to climb trees, trotted the only XC jump we could find not chained off (a 12" log that Katchi was mildly terrified of), checked out the "haunted" Mt. Airy mansion and abandoned green house, weaved through overgrown paths, and safely returned back to the trailers - for food, sangria (Debi's world famous talent at work!), and birthday cake (with candles and a, well pretty sad singing of "happy birthday" - but the thought was there!).

Checking out the Mt. Airy Mansion

In the thick of the woods.

And then it was time to Eat!

Katchi was the life of the party...

Until he passed out! Lightweight.

And then there was Ladybug - the 1/2 a horse!

Ladybug lives with my former student, Anna, and her fantastic parents - Steve and Bridget. Ladybug came along, riding in the front seat of the 2 1/2 horse trailer, to scare all the other horses! Diane's giant Lincoln had the worst of it - he thought that Ladybug was just no good!

And check out this birthday gift from Shane - SHE MADE IT! It's the most beautiful necklace with a tag with Katchi's name cut into it! WOW! She should seriously sell these things - they're beautiful!! And a very special thank you to Kerry who gave me a beautiful collage of photos from our trip to WEG - what great memories! It will make me smile every time I walk past it hanging on the wall at the top of my stairs.

There are days in your life when you just have to sit back and think how wonderful it is to have such amazing people in your life (and horses too!) - today was one of those days! THANK YOU so much to everyone who came out to play at my pony ride birthday party!!!

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  1. Wow that sounds like an awesome birthday! I need to find a whole lot of fellow horse riders so i can have a similar one. Happy Birthday!