Thursday, July 28, 2011

The Gag Bit: Some Assembly Required

10:00 last night. Standing in my kitchen in my pajamas. Blinds drawn tightly. A glass of wine waiting on the counter for inspiration and consolation. Lathered up to my elbows in cheap olive oil (I'm an olive oil snob and this was a job for cheap olive oil!). Twisting and turning, and pulling and pushing - metal, rope, leather - and a can opener (lets just say that my horse trailer comes prepared for any emergency; my house does not). The not often disclosed life of a rider.

Last night I learned why the sum is greater than the parts when you buy an already assembled gag bit. Some time ago, at a local tack shop's going out of business sale, I found a $5 beautiful snaffle gag bit in the bargain bit bin. Oh how exciting! Something new to add to my bit box collection!! But, wait, no cheekpieces - not to worry, I'll just pick those up on sale someplace else later. This weekend, I'm taking a few students to Win Green (my FAVORITE!) for some XC schooling. One horse is in need of some bit experimentation, and I think a mild snaffle gag may be just the trick for him. Time to slip those cheekpieces in and give it a try. Easy enough.

Some assembly required, my ass. It was an all out war in my kitchen last night. And I might be losing. I called a truce for Red Cross treatment of the injured when my right pec muscle seized up so bad my arm stopped moving (you might even say my armpit and right boob had a seizure - now that's a first!). I have the cheekpieces pinned down and greased up. They'll sit there and think about what they've done while I'm at work today. The war will begin again at sundown.

This is NOT my gag bit. This is an assembled gag. It's worth the money. Picture source here.

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  1. I love a gag bit, unfortunately my current horse does not. The assembly thing is always frustrating, the cheek pieces last just long enough that by the time you replace them you have forgotten how. Too late now, but next time try the nylon cheek pieces, much MUCH easier than the leather ones.