Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Cupcakes, Beer, & A Gag Bit

I bring news of victory! The gag bit succumbed to my pliers. But it did not give up easily - it took me over an hour of carefully applied torture by plier before those cheekpieces admitted defeat! Seriously, gag cheekpieces should come with some sort of consumer warning about risk of injury or death. No joke.

But, it was not in vain! On Sunday, Katchi and I took 3 others out to Win Green for an absolutely beautiful day of XC schooling. And Eeyore got to try out the new gag bit - and there is strong evidence that he likes it! At least, he had a fantastic day of schooling in it, so that's a start! And his mom brought be a big ol' beer for my troubles!

Eeyore & Susan at MDHT II - after he enjoyed a little extra distance on the course! :)

I cannot put into words just how much I love going to Win Green! It is Disneyland for baby eventers (and big eventers too!). I am in absolute awe of the puzzles that Leslie has put into action at her farm. And all 4 ponies were fantastic in her puzzles! Katchi was a bit bored, as he was only there to pop over some ditches and into the water (and get a few reminder wacks about the "look AND jump" rule). But he was a good sport. Karrie and Baggio made their first real XC voyage and wow did they impress! As we were just about finished, I asked Karrie if there was anything else she wanted to do - she said, "I'm feeling brave, challenge me!" That from the girl who 2 hours before was happy to have trotted around the big field and still be alive! And Eeyore, sporting his fancy gag bit, was perhaps the bravest of all! He's right on the cusp of figuring out that XC is just about the most fun any horse could ever wish for - and what fun it is to watch his eyes and ears (big floppy Eeyore ears!) as he sees how amazing life can be! I'm actually not sure who was wearing the bigger smile - Eeyore or Susan! And then there was Lincoln - don't be mistaken, he is the President! He took on the big boy challenges one by one and said - is that all you got?!

And to end an absolutely lovely day in the XC field - we sat around in the shade for a bit, talkig horses, and enjoying cupcakes and beer! Is there any better summer day possible?! Cupcakes, beer, and a gag bit!

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