Tuesday, June 14, 2011

TPF Photos!

Had 2 great rides today, but I'll update on that later! For now, I've got pictures!! I walked around True Prospect for a little while today and took some snapshots of stuff - I took about 50 pictures, so let me see if I can narrow down the selection a bit...

Camper Alyssa, trying out a WinAir saddle in this morning's jumping lesson.

Campers waiting for their lesson time.

Emma with one of the Dutton twins' ponies - Emma said the toughest thing about him is getting him past a bucket of grain!

Outdoor wash stall and drying rack - lots of Ecogold!

The drying rack even includes a wire bottom so brushes won't fall through!

Horses in waiting.

Looking at Phillip's office and the viewing area to the indoor arena.

Looking out of the viewing area into the indoor.

Ryan (on horseback) and Caitlin (in the TPF-Boyd Farm Shuttle)

The camp cheering section.

Even little ponies had lessons at TPF today!

Lots of horses were out walking and trotting on the beautiful track in the beautiful weather!

Boyd's ponies turned out in full fly armor!

AND.... for those who didn't see it in the 2009 blog... here is the famous wall of fame/shame!

Off to wine and cheese party...


  1. What percentage of folks at TPF wear their helmet on a daily basis? I visited back in 2009 to look at a horse and there was nary a helmet to be seen, but then last winter Boyd and Jennie and a bunch of other professionals came out with statements about how they were now going to wear helmets more often. Has that actually had any effect? Most of the people in the pictures who are not campers seem to still be wearing ball caps.

  2. I wondered about that as well. Does anyone request that Phillip wear a helmet when on their horse?

  3. At the risk of putting my neck into the great helmet debate... I'd say that my impression of helmets at TPF is that they're all around. I'd guess that well over half the riders wear helmets, and it just depends on the horse, the activity, and the rider whether they chose to put one on or not. I've never seen anyone jump without one. Phillip arrived in the jumping ring today with his, in case he needed to get on a camper's horse. I don't think anyone asked Phillip to wear a helmet on their horse, but I don't see why they couldn't have, if they wanted. I can't really speculate whether folks at TPF are wearing helmets more or less now than 2 years ago - sorry!

  4. Very interesting - for the record I wasn't trying to get anyone 'in trouble,' I was just genuinely curious. You're making me want to come to camp more and more - I'm thinking it might have to be on the calendar for next year!!