Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Checking the P box

I checked the P box.
It's the one just to the right of the T box.
It's also to the left of to I box.

Do you know the box?

Just above the box, in blue ink, I have written "The Maryland Horse Trials at Loch Moy Farm II"

Next week, Katchi and I will be Phillip Dutton Campers. The following Wednesday, we'll do a show jumping test run at the Wednesday evening Waredaca show series. Then Second Level dressage at Ride for Life. And the "ready to move up" Training course at Loch Moy I. All year, there won't be a more sensible time to check the P box.

I thought I should make the announcement here to warn everyone before you see it on the entry list! You might not want to talk to me about it too much - I might either barf on your shoes or lie. I checked my last P box in 1994. That's like a lifetime ago.

Actually, I feel pretty good about it. And I have complete faith in the magic that Phillip and Boyd will be charged to perform on us in the next month! I do believe in magic!

And get ready folks - the big Phillip Dutton Eventing Academy blog week starts in just a few days! My mom flies in on Thursday, and we head to Pennsylvania on Sunday. All campers received confirmation that despite last week's tragedy, camp is on! But, we'll be sharing stabling with Boyd Martin, which may be a whole other adventure! Hopefully we won't be in his way too much, and we might even entertain him a little!

If you don't know - this blog was born after I had so much fun with a one-week blogging adventure in 2009 when I wrote the "Cherie and Katchi get Duttonized" blog! Check it out here.


  1. So exciting! I loved your blog from camp last time; very excited to follow along again =)

  2. You entered prelim!!! Hip hip hooray! Working on tickets to attend that big event. See you Thurs. Do I get to entertain Boyd as well as Phillip?!