Tuesday, June 14, 2011

PD Academy Camp - "Okay, so..." Show Jumping!

Check out Katchi flying over the triple bar!!! (Thanks for the photos Lee Lee!)

Today, we left dressage behind and the horses were so happy - until we came to tack them up the second time! They all took good naps this afternoon!

Over the painted poles today, Phillip had two catch phrases...

"Okay, so, we'll do that again. But this time we'll..."
"Come Again."

And, my personal favorite...
Jodi: "Phillip, I'm really scared."
Phillip: "Yes, I know."
And then she jumped the line perfectly, and we all cheered!! :)
Jodi was our first fall of camp - and it wasn't even jump related! She jumped her two fences just wonderfully, and then was so excited she forgot where she was going, so her horse pitched left, then right - and Jodi went left! When she yelled out "what happened?!" - Lee Lee ran over with her iphone to show her the video! Instant replay!!

Katchi actually gave me a good attempt at being the first camper to fall - when the arena sprinklers came on without warning, catching us meandering around the ring on a long rein, waiting for our 8am lesson to start. As I was trying to stop Katchi from bolting and pull myself back up from reclining on thin air... I thought, "I so do not want to fall off before my lesson even starts!" - I'm pretty sure I've pulled the few leg muscles left that Ryan didn't damage with the no-stirrup game yesterday. My whole body hurts. And then we jumped and galloped today. I gimped myself into the hotel tonight. I can't wait until the massage lady shows up tomorrow afternoon - oh, wait, crap. I think she comes right after the physical trainer comes to get us fit. This really is a bit like signing up for the fat farm.

Today's show jumping lesson was very much about making the horses rideable, all the way from the start of your warm-up. Phillip emphasized that you have to get through these rideabililty issues in the warm-up, because you have to have them sorted out before you start on course. It was true about all of us to varying degrees - from the puddle jumpers to the 2 of us in my group (1 just moved up to Prelim, and me - the Prelim wannabe). Phillip was adamant that the horses should jump and immediately be responsive to your aids - to turn, speed up, slow down, stop, whatever - it's just a part of the job.

Here are a couple of clips of Katchi towards the end of our lesson. In the first part of the video, Phillip talked me through several circles to get just the right canter before we headed to the one-stride. Too bad I can't take Phillip with me into the show jumping ring!! One thing Phillip had me do a bit differently was to look at the jump MUCH earlier than I normally do - and I look at the jump VERY early normally! He had me looking so early that I could hardly turn my head that far - and then he wanted me to absolutely keep fixed on it - and then he noticed that I switch my vision about a second late on the related distances. BINGO! He's absolutely right, and it's taking a way a second or two of my reaction time which makes a big difference when you're only talking about a matter of seconds to make corrections. Okay, the video now...

And, if you ever thought that you're just not advanced enough to ride in Phillip's camp - check out the puddle jumper group! And, honestly, I think these 2 are having the most fun of everyone! I'm so thrilled they're here, because you just can't help but have fun around them!

In the afternoon, all 13 campers signed up for pace work with Ryan. What fun!! Everyone just loved having a spin around the track, but it was so hard to follow the instructions - 400 mpm for 2 minutes (without a watch on the first go, and with a watch on the second go) - I was so close to just saying "oops! I must have misjudged!" and really let Katchi open up. But, I behaved... and came in the closest to time for my group. Just 5 seconds under without my watch, and spot-on with my watch.

Tonight we learned about the Equifit product line, and received a very cool goody bag! And they offerred 20% of any sales tonight to the TPF fire fund. I ordered some of their silver antibacterial/fungal/etc stuff and the "shoulders back!" brace. Yea, I know, the whole concept of the sort of weird looking non-bra is just weird, but I tried the thing on, and it felt really good for my posture! I'm thinking of wearing it at the office (UNDER MY CLOTHES, of course!) just as much as in the saddle. Maybe I won't look like such a turtle sitting at my computer! Even a few of Phillip and Boyd's MALE riders tried it on and I think they may have ordered one too!!! :)

That's everything I can think of to report today - and it is definitely bed time! Tomorrow is our first XC day - and THE POOL PARTY!

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