Thursday, September 30, 2010

WEG Eventing - Day One in Pictures

I promised myself an early night tonight, so just going to post a couple of photos.

The view down my row of seats. Lots of elbow room.

Between dressage rides, we took a quick look at the Head of the Lake - wow! While we were standing around with our mouths open trying to figure out how it was "meant" to be ridden - Karen O'Connor and Mark Phillips came along to take a closer look as well. We couldn't hear what was being said - but the body language was quite entertaining! There seemed to be a bit of debate about the approach to 17A - and to give you an idea of the precision required, when Karen moved her proposed line just one inch, Mark shook his head "no, no" - grabbed her shoulders and moved her back an inch!!! ONE INCH! I hope Karen tells Mandiba how important that inch might be!
Photo below - Karen standing on the top of the bounce "irish bank" out of and into water. Mark Phillips in background (only Karen got her boots wet!)

At the end of the day, we took a walk down to visit the Man o' War statue - walking towards it, I was totally struck by the sign below. Katchi and I are going to have to have a talk about his issue with getting a nice 12' stride between fences!!!

This next photo shows the distance of 28 feet - it's longer than you might think. And the thought of riding a horse where one stiride is 28 feet... wow.

Tomorrow we'll be going on the Practical Horseman course walk with Jim Wofford, so I hope to post a few videos or at least some entertaining "woff-isms" tomorrow night before the BIG cross country day!!

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