Friday, September 3, 2010

Bringing in Fall

It's Fall already. I honestly don't know where the year has gone. Katchi has just 4 more events scheduled for this year - 2 busy months left, then he'll take a well deserved vacation. I guess I'm old school, but I still think horses that work 6 days a week deserve at least 3-4 weeks totally off a year. I think it's good for body and mind. I still go out and see Katchi about 3 times a week during his vacation, so he doesn't think he's been abandoned. It's a good time to just enjoy his cute furry face and contemplate our winter training plans in hopes of kicking off spring with a bit more of a bang in 2011!

I spent the last weekend of summer enjoying a much needed vacation - with Katchi! Actually, Katchi says - "Bullshit. That was no vacation crazy lady." Adrianne arranged for 6 of us (with our 6 horses!) to spend a long weekend at the Inn at Kelly's Ford. It was just the break I needed before our crazy fall season kicks off. Good friends, good horses, a cross country course, picnic tables, and a pub! On our last morning there, Katchi and I spent some quality time together - just the two of us making our way around the property and through the woods. I imagined I was back out on a long format roads and tracks phase - Katchi didn't understand, but it was a simply wonderful ride down memory lane for me. Afterwards we did some good galloping work - Katchi really didn't understand that game - why were were galloping past the jumps?! He kept trying to get me to pick one to jump, and when I wouldn't, he'd spook at the 10" tall Baby Novice jumps! I was giggling the whole time. With Katchi's work done for the day, we collected the 5 others and took them out to school the XC course. This was the second time I've asked Katchi to be the instructor's horse - he couldn't have done it last year. He would have spun and reared and generally acted like an ass. And now he's acting like a racetrack pony - he tells the others its okay and shows them how to do things. I actually saw him reach over and tell Ilkim's horse, Luna, "it's okay, it's just a little ditch... here, follow me, we go like this." Not only has he developed confidence in himself, now he's showing others the way. It was a really special thing to watch.

Just off to Seneca Valley to walk courses. This has always been a good event for us, so I'm really looking forward to a good run tomorrow. 4 shows left in 2010. wow. Wish us luck tomorrow - no more joking around, it's time for a ribbon, please, Mr. Katchi!


  1. Good luck at Seneca! Will you be at the Jimmy clinic on the 16th? Otherwise we'll see you soon at Marlborough!

  2. Kelly's Ford sounds fab--what a great thing to do for yourself and your students! And how awesome that Katchi is growing into his new role! I would like to hear more about your thoughts on "winter break" for horses. I want to make the best decision for Caesar this winter. Of course, he often finds a way to work in a vacation by throwing a shoe (like yesterday)!