Saturday, October 2, 2010


Yet another night of total exhaustion - had the best day! I love XC day!! Other than the TOTAL muck up of the food situation this morning (good planning, WEG), I only have one complaint for the day- I was a disappointed with the crowd (and there was a huge crowd!) - lots of cheers for USA and Canada, and of course all the favorites in the likes of Mark Todd, Mary King, William Foxpitt - but, to let any rider go past you, over those HELLA HUGE AND HARD jumps, and not cheer on the horses and riders from every country - I was disappointed in the crowd. But, even if it was a bit quiet, it was an absolutely spectacular day and I especially enjoyed chatting with so many eventers from around the country and world! Eventers really are cool people! So, minimal commentary on this post today - just photos from yesterday and today. After the XC was over, we spent some time crawling around the WEG jumps - wow, wow and wow!

The Saturday crowd -

Rolex Keeper's Brush (not on the WEG course - I think it was too small for WEG!)

The Snail & Squirrel! (front and back sides!)

ENORMOUS table at #19. We found several skid marks across the top of its nearly 6 foot wide top, but my favorite was the perfect hoofprint (complete with a little grass) just on the far endge of the top. I did find it quite curious there were no dents from studs?!

The goose at the head of the lake - is that a goose? duck? Water fowl?

As we walked out of the park tonight, I noticed the show jumping course was being set up. I walked a few feet into the stadium to sneak a peek and check out the footing. It was like walking on air. And the jumps look stunning. It must be the most amazing feeling to ride into that stadium on Sunday, knowing you just survived one of the toughest courses in the world the day before - go Eventers (and their ponies!!).

And, to end, we did our own re-take of the Ariat FREE photo - this time, you get to see the entire jumping horse, not just his (gelded) family jewels!

Final words: When Jim Wofford was asked yesterday during the course walk if he had any advice for riders who aspire to this level, he said "Experience is something you get right after you need it. So start getting some."

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