Saturday, May 29, 2010

Massage Day

Katchi had a massage yesterday from Courtney at Hands on Horses - this was his second massage and he has definitely figured out what it's all about! Last time, he made all kinds of silly faces, - twisting his head, chewing, licking, yawning, showing his teeth - so, this time I brought the video camera to katchi some of his clown faces. But, he just went straight to sleep! He was totally mezmorized. Didn't make for a very exciting video, so I tried to put some music in the background to make the 2 minute clip a little more exciting.
Advisory: only watch the video if you really like horses. They don't do much when they sleep!

Katchi's fat leg looked much better yesterday! I rode him lightly for about 20 minutes, and hope to do the same today. Have decided against taking him XC schooling on Monday with a group of students, and I'm still taking plans for Rubicon day-by-day. Fingers and hooves crossed that we'll see everyone out there next weekend!


  1. Well, you can tell he was super relaxed--how funny! We have our second massage scheduled with Courtney for next week. I too was very impressed with how much my horse enjoyed it; he is usually a bit of a troll about being touched, but he totally loved the massage! Thanks again for the recommendation!

  2. Hi Shane! Katchi is the same way - hates being brushed even with a super soft brush, and don't even think about coming at him with a shed brush! And he just got so into his massage! Courtney is definitely a keeper! You'll have to let me know what your horse thinks about the second massage - I was so shocked at how Katchi just immediately relaxed right into it this time - no questions asked, just total relaxation!