Thursday, May 27, 2010

Go USA! We've got Silva!

In case you all aren't checking Boyd & Silva Martin's Blog... Silva was sworn in as an American yesterday!!! At my lesson a month ago, she said she was studying for the test - which pretty much, no US-born American could possibly pass! When I saw her this week, she said she passed the exam with a 100%! As if she wasn't impressive enough, that's impressive!

On Tuesday, Katchi was still not up for work (fat leg), so he stepped aside to let me ride my student Adrianne's horse, Tori, take his place. Tori said she went to hell again. She went to hell the first time when she met Boyd a few months ago. I wonder what she would think if she saw the two of them together! Actually, horses are really happy with Silva. They work hard, but they understand, they're confident, and they know she's happy with their progress. And they sleep really well the night after a lesson with Silva (I do too!).

My new student, Kerry, also took her horse, Atticus, for their first ever dressage lesson! Not only did Kerry survive, she really enjoyed it and says she wants more! And she looked pretty darn good too! We might make a dressage rider out of her yet (or at least an eventer!). Atticus hasn't decided if he wants more of this dressage stuff yet. I can only imagine the conversation between Tori and Atticus on the trailer ride home. I suspect there were a lot of nasty 4 letter words!

Okay, I can't help it - I poached a picture of Silva from their blog. Eventing Nation also posted a really nice "welcome to America" note to Silva (complete with instructions on how to be a real American which are quite funny!).

On this Memorial Day weekend-eve, I'm so happy to welcome Silva to America (and hopefully to our dressage team one day) - have a great holiday weekend y'all!

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