Wednesday, April 28, 2010

MCTA Ride times are up!

Katchi and I have our second attempt at starting the competition season on Sunday (no hind boots this time!), and ride times are up -

Dressage - 12:54
Show Jumping - 3:12
Cross Country - 3:32

Check out the Live Scoring site!
The MCTA Horse Trials are located at Shawan Downs in Cockeysville, MD.

In an effort to polish off our 3 phases, Katchi and I picked up a show jumping lesson with Sharon White last week. It was really productive, because all the icky stuff that happens to us on course happened during the lesson, and we had to deal with it! Sharon was also really helpful in focusing me on applying the perfection I enjoy in my dressage work to the show jumping ring. Using some of her ideas, Katchi and I had a really good jump school at home on Monday, and will do one more quick school on Friday. I'm hoping that will be enough to at least let us be a little more polished in show jumping on Sunday.

We also had the good fortune of getting a lesson with Silva this afternoon. Was able to ride in her saddle again (mine is shipping from France on Friday - yea!). I really had a good laugh when I pulled down the stirrups to see what I should do about the stirrup length - no joke - the stirrups were just about down to Katchi's knees!!!! Apparently Boyd had ridden in the saddle last! WOW! Once again, Silva and Boyd's talent must have rubbed off on my butt, because I had a great ride today. Hopefully we can reproduce the effect on Sunday! Heres a little video from today.


  1. You guys look fabulous in the video! Hooray! I will be at MCTA on Sunday to watch a few friends, and I hope to catch some of your rides; who knew blogging would start a fan base? :) Good luck!

  2. Wow, Cherie! Katchi looks fabulous! Looking forward to (hopefully) seeing you there -- Prima is being a total pill this week; ugh, NOT a fun time of year for mares!! My times are 12:32, 3:02 & 3:22. Don't want to jinx it, but the forecast looks OK so far!