Friday, April 2, 2010

CDCTA Course Walk Photos

So tired. Got through almost everything on today's list - except Katchi's bath and braiding! Traffic was TERRIBLE getting out of DC this afternoon - cherry blossom tourists are EVERYWHERE. So, it's going to be an early morning.
I had never been to CDCTA before, and took a few pictures to share with others who haven't been there before either - they've got some BIG hills. Good thing is the biggest ones are at the very beginning of the course, which should help get Katchi settled. First 10 jumps are nice galloping fences. 11-12-13-14 are all combinations! Water, downhill tables, ditch, bank. Then down a big hill to a big table. Then up a big hill to a big rolltop and that's it. Very strange order of jumps. I'm really looking forward to the course design training I signed up for next month - I hope it will help me understand "why", because as a rider, the course sure seems odd to me! But over all very nice and flowing. Only thing I'm a little worried about is the water - it will be the blindest jump in Katchi has ever done - so it will be a real test of whether I can convey "go go go" to him! It looks like a very do-able course, but darn those are some big hills!

Looking from the bottom of the "mountain" way up to jump #4

The "water" jump on my first course walk - DRY!

The water jump on my second walk - The water truck has arrived!

The landing really is dry, but Katchi won't see that until we're right there.

A very nice drop down, bending 4 strides, and little bench.

If we can just keep breathing and make it up/down those hills, it should be a good ride. More to come tomorrow... Fingers and hooves crossed for a good start to the season!

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  1. I hope you guys had a blast; can't wait to hear the full report!