Sunday, February 7, 2010


When the President of the United States calls a snow storm "Snowmageddon", you know it can't be good. I don't do sick very well. And I really don't do house arrest very well. But, even I have surrendered. The snow is that bad. I haven't seen Katchi since Friday morning, and I hate it! I thought about trying to make it out there today, but after a little walk around the neighborhood to check out the streets, I decided better of it. I guess it goes without saying that the Silva Martin clinic was cancelled today. My first planned horse trial is less than 2 months away, and I'm really starting to worry whether we'll be fit and schooled enough. I'm a perfectionist, and I never ever want to feel unprepared. This snow is not helping me. My work is closed tomorrow, so am hoping by the afternoon the roads will be passable enough to let me make a quick trip to the barn. I cannot imagine what my mental state will be if I've been stuck in this house for essentially 4 days! The better part of yesterday was spent without power too which started to get pretty cold - but, on the up side, it was a good motivator to catch up on a bunch of reading that I've been meaning to do.

Here are a couple of pictures of my little car. It's supposed to be silver - not white. I love that the only recognizable part of it are my horse silhouette stickers!

Hope everyone is surviving Snowmageddon & that all your horses are warm, fat & happy.

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