Friday, February 5, 2010

More Snow - Pllliiitth!

It's snowing. Again. They're talking about up to 3 feet. It's just wrong, so so wrong. My clinic with Silva on Sunday so isn't going to happen. What a tragedy. I read in Silva's blog that she's starting to regret staying in PA this winter, because it has been so cold. I want to cry at the thought that she'll go to Florida next winter, and I won't have the good fortune of being able to work with her again next winter when I've hardly even been able to get started with her this winter!

On another note, I've just signed up for a jumping clinic with Boyd Martin on March 1st. So much for stalking Jim Wofford - I seem to have become a Martin groupie! I wonder how many clinics I have to sign up for with them before my financial contributions can classify me as a sponsor? I've done so many of Jim Wofford's gymnastics clinics, he teases me that I should take the program on the road for him! Really, these clinicians should offer some sort of recognition club - like frequent flier miles or grocery store club cards. After you ride in 150 of their clinics, you really should qualify for Platinum Club member benefits or something!

If you are also stuck in the house waiting out this unfortunate storm, I thought you might enjoy these "dressage" videos a horse friend sent me yesterday. They're quite short and gave me a much needed good laugh - I hope you enjoy them as well!

This video might be sorta like dressage in Texas (where I grew up!)...

Katchi's "street name" is K-Dog (it's a South Park thing, if you don't get it). I think I should let this rapper know about K-Dog, so he can star in the next music video.

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