Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Punxsutawney Phil - that overweight rodent

Okay, seriously, why is it snowing again? It's Phil's fault. Don't get me wrong, I happen to think he's pretty darn cute, but he's really messing with me this year. Last Sunday's clinic with Silva was cancelled due to snow. It's snowing again right now. And more snow is supposed to come in Friday-Saturday, just in time for Silva's next clinic this Sunday. AGH! I was all full of giggles with the first big snow - frolicking around in it with Katchi. But, no more, please!

One bit of good news among all this snow is that I moved Katchi to a new home after this weekend's snow thawed enough to brave the roads with the NEW trailer on only it's third road trip! Katchi is now in Harwood, Maryland and quite a bit closer to my house. He's still trying to figure out why he's there - looking around for Jimmy or Silva or a judge! But, he's settling right in and I cannot wait to start exploring the area. Harwood is horse country - I hear the hills are scattered with little coops and logs - all for horses! And, it even puts me just a few minutes from Dover Saddlery. Well, that might be a bad thing. How is it that a trip to Dover for "nothing" still adds up to hundreds of dollars?? Must be some sort of "fuzzy math." I'm thinking of some joke about an alcoholic walking into a bar...

Fingers (and hooves!) crossed for SILVA this weekend!

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