Monday, December 21, 2009

A New Year - A New Blog!

As we enter a new decade, I thought - what better time to start a blog?! I had so much fun doing my blog during Phillip Dutton's camp last summer, I've been looking for an excuse to blog again!

So, how do I introduce this blog? I have a horse - that just about sums up my life. His name is Katchi and he makes me smile every day. He's not perfect - in fact, he can be a real jerk! But, then again, I can be as well! Denny Emerson recently asked the about COTH Forum about "The Gap" - does it exist? I'm a gap. I rode loads until I was about 18 - then there was the gap - then 3 years ago, at age 29, Katchi picked me. What better topic for a blog than about coming back to Eventing after so many years away?! It's not as easy as I remember; it's got to be WAY more expensive than when my parents were paying the bills (right?!); and as I'm a one man show now, I don't even get to sleep on the drive home from a show; oh, and that full time office job takes up so much time! Okay, so, we're not The Eventing Percheron (how cool!); and we're probably not as funny as the Tacky Tack of the Day (seriously, check out the blue fur cookie monster saddle if you haven't seen it!), but Katchi has some tales to tell about life with me - and I might have a few things to add!

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  1. I am getting back into riding after a 4 year break and am so excited! I hope to look to your blog for motivation and also share my adventures on my own new blog! I look forward to reading your posts.