Sunday, December 8, 2013

More news from the farm...

Winter life on the farm: seems like every day has become a battle against daylight -- literally, from sun up to sun down, it's a mad panic to get through the day's list of "activities."  I wouldn't trade it for anything, but I seriously need more minutes in an hour, more hours in a day, and more days in a week!  And while lots of things are coming together, we remain stuck, painfully close, to the start of the arena and barn construction.  There are still a few final pieces that have to fall into place with the county before we can break ground, and meanwhile the days just seem to fly by and we are getting more and more into winter weather which may prevent us from starting until spring  -- as I type this, the grass I have worked so hard to cultivate all year is smushed under a solid layer of ice.  Winter.

The farm sign post is up!  Just waiting for the sign to arrive.

A 3-D mock up of the barn - LOVE IT!!! 

We've made a few minor changes to the final plans from the image above -- little adjustments to windows, overhangs, and color scheme.  But, pretty much - this is the dream in virtual reality!  Six stalls are on the right side of the barn - 5 with double dutch doors (we've designed 1 as a "separation" stall for any horse needing a bit more security or isolation pre-FEI competition).  Two grooming stalls and the feed room are contained in the center extension area, with a wash stall, large tack room, and other storage areas on the left side of the barn (main hay storage will be in a separate building).  I'm sure it isn't perfect for everyone, but we are so very excited with the plans and layout -- they feel absolutely perfect for how we will use the barn and I'm certain the horses are going to believe it's a little piece of heaven!!


  1. The 3-D is so much better than the drawings. Can really tell what it will look like. Just needs horses and cats!