Saturday, December 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy Birthday Mom!!
It really is impossible to explain to anyone who doesn't have one -- just what it means to have a horse show mom.  But for those lucky girls who have a true horse show mom -- we couldn't ask for any better mom.  It goes far beyond driving you to the barn, helping you clean tack before a pony club rating or rally (oh wait, no, not that, that would be cheating), reading every horse book she could find just to explain it to you -- because you were only 5 and hadn't learned to read yet!  Videoing you at every show.  Videoing you at every lesson.  Videoing you riding at home just for a little extra help.  It's crying together when you tried as hard as you could and gave it every bit of your heart and soul and strength, but your horse still wouldn't jump into that damn water.  And when it finally all comes together, she's the first person you see, with a huge smile watching you cross the finish line. She's your biggest fan, your confidant, and your partner.  Sometimes she's your coach -- and then you remind her she can't ride and she gives you the evil eye.  She strategizes and analyzes with you.  She talks through your goals and how to get there.  She's the one who has secret talks with your horse and tells him to take good care of her little girl on that scary as sh#$! cross country course. Horse show moms do it for all the right reasons. It's shared passion and determination and perseverance. It's for the love of horses and everything they bring into our lives. It's for the love of the sport.  And it's for the love of her daughter.
Thank you mom for everything you've been and everything you continue to be. Happy Birthday!!
Love from a lifetime of ponies and me.  

Mom, me on Hoppy, with our neighbor Cindy (nope, not my sister!) 

Mom & Me showing together in the "Produce of Dam" class

Circa 1983: Me, on Cheval with my mom's mom (Granny)

Mom 2008 on Punky - the best horse in the world who rules the barn at Thoroughbred Placement Resources

2012 Aiken -- Katchi LOVES his glamma!

2013: Dressage Drinks at Rolex!

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  1. oh WOW, just saw this and have no words to thank you----can't see through my tears anyway! How nice of you. Thank you hugs mom