Thursday, January 17, 2013

Katchi on Off-Track Thoroughbreds

Those who follow my blog may remember the wonderful article Susan Salk at Off-Track Thoroughbreds wrote about Katchi at the end of 2011, just after his big 2nd place finish at the Hagyard Training Level Three Day Event.  Today, Susan posted an update on Katchi, and her writing again brought tears to my eyes.  It's one thing to keep my own blog and say things in my own words, but to read the kind words of someone else talking about by beloved Katchi... there's something special about that.  Thank you Susan!

Chauvin targets 3rd level; patience rewarded

A day in Kabul leads to racehorse, joyous life

Off-Track Thoroughbreds

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  1. I was just looking at OTTB yesterday, considering buying one some day, and I came across that 2011 article! So funny you posted about that! I'll have to check out the new article today.