Monday, July 9, 2012

RED Boots - Are they hot???

GRC posted photos from this weekend in record speed, so now it's time to decide...  do we love the RED boots???  I'm certain I love them, and I was so happy to learn this morning that EN/HN's Wylie loves them - yay! For those who don't remember the story, at this year's Rolex Kentucky Three Day Event, I was the lucky raffle winner of a pair of "Dare to be Dublin" boots in RED - they're actually paddock boots and half chaps.  And I love them!!!  Turns out, they're super comfortable and oh so fun!  You just can't help but smile when you're wearing fire engine red boots!  I got them broken in, and have been venturing out more and more in them - becoming "that girl in those red boots."  At the Eric Smiley clinic, Kate Chadderton (Australian) told me red boots are all the rage in Australia right now - AH HA!  See, I'm on the cutting edge of North American fashion!!  This past weekend, at Maryland Horse Trials I at Loch Moy - the RED boots debuted in competition.  Take a look at GRC's photos - do we love the boots??

Side View

Show Jumping

Show Jumping II

Cross Country

What do ya think?!


  1. I've gotta admit, they really aren't my thing. However, they make you super happy, so keep on rocking them! I've definitely become more of a traditionalist when it comes to turnout lately, but the thing that makes this sport great is the ability to welcome 'krazy kolors' as I like to call them.

    To me, the best decoration is the rider's smile. :-)

  2. I love them! You always look great in your white and blue, but I think a little extra pizzazz makes things all the more fun! Also, Katchi's stadium round looks like it was excellent! CONGRATS!

  3. I love the fact that you won them! And they are super comfortable. The girl in the red boots is having fun and meeting more people thanks to the red boots. win/win

  4. omg i didn't even see this post before i read the other one. yes, i LOVE the red boots. they are HOT! plus you won them, so even better. they remind me of you as wonder woman boots which of course you know is kick ass!