Friday, July 27, 2012

Olympic Fever!

 I can hardly stand it!!!  I feel like a kid at Christmas time, just dying to know what's under the tree!  Anything could happen in the next 4 days - and oh wouldn't it just be grand if our Team USA Eventers could bring home a medal on Tuesday!!!  While I've been suffering for the past 6 weeks with Phillip gone and Silva devoted to fine-tuning Boyd (and his horses!), and I cannot wait for them to return - more than anything, I want them to come home having put in the performance of a lifetime!  So, to wish Boyd and Phillip, and all of Team USA good luck - I asked my mom to dig up some old photos from 1984.  In 1984, the Olympics were in Los Angeles, and Team USA won the gold in Eventing, with Karen Stives winning the individual Silver (and my own childhood hero Ginny Leng winning Bronze for Great Britain - and oh, by the way, Mark Todd won Gold - amazing that he's back for yet another go in 2012!).  And in 1984, I was touring the country winning trophy after trophy - in the costume class!!!!  With our miniature horse stallion - all 27 1/4 inches of him!!!!  My mom put together THE costume of the 1984 miniature horse world - Cardin was an Olympic runner, sporting infant tennis shoes (that he would try to shake off with each step - to roars of laughter from fair-goers and costume class competitors alike, not to mention the judge!).  And I was the lovely (svelte, luscious, voluptuous) gold medal presenter!  Apparently such medal presenters were quite the thing... until 1984... I guess women's lib finally kicked in.  Oh well, how were we to know?!  1984 was quite the lucky year for Team USA Eventing and for me and my little track runner mini - may London 2012 be as lucky for Team USA!! Go Phillip!  Go Boyd!!  Go USA!


  1. thanks for sharing.

  2. How have I never seen these pictures? They are full of awesomeness, so cute. The Olympics have been keeping me up way too late at nights, but go Team USA! how cool is it that you train with Olympians??