Thursday, October 20, 2011

Katchi Kapshi... Accepted!

The first big test of Kentucky is done - and Katchi passed! After a 12 hour and 15 minute drive yesterday (the old truck held steady at 35 mph through the mountains - good truck, but oh so painfully slow!) , a 40 degree temperature drop, rain, wind, and general chaos - and my last hope for a groom for this weekend won't make it here for another 2 hours - just showing up at the jog was some kind of miracle. Passing it - with braids in and no green slobber on either of us - was definitely a miracle. Thanks so much to my Area 2 buds who stripped off Katchi's cooler as we ran past. And a huge thanks to the Kentucky event organizers who took pity on us all and moved the jog into the Alltech indoor arena.

If day days 2, 3 and 4 are 1/2 as exciting as day 1, I'm in trouble. They keep saying the weather is going to improve, but riding Katchi this morning - in the freezing windy rain - I just kept saying to myself, if you want to play with the big boys, get used to it! It was that or cry and go home, and I'm not ready for that drive again yet. Katchi did a lot of cantering this morning and finally started breathing properly about 15 minutes in. Oh - and I very nearly fell off before my butt even hit the saddle! I cautiously walked the fragile pony up to the practice rings, hopping and skipping and dancing around. As I tried to get up in the ring, saddle went a little slippery, and cute pony decided to leave. But I was already committed to the mount - so I graciously sat my ass on his back... clean and clear ... 4 inches behind the saddle. And cute pony was still leaving. All I could think was "Damn this beast. I'm gonna have to fall off to get outta this. dammit." Somehow I managed to wrangle pony to a stop and flip my leg up over the cantle and deposit butt where it belonged - IN the saddle. Did a quick look around, and it appears that either a) the other riders in the ring were occupied enough with their own wild beasts to not notice, or b) were gracious enough to pretend it never happened! Luckily, the ride improved from there. Like I said, can't wait to see what excitement day 2 brings with it.

Katchi is currently napping, and I'm just about to head out to survey the land - dressage rings, xc course and sj. Drove around Phases A, B, and C a bit this morning - it actually appears to be a course requiring some memorization! Roads and Tracks with rollback turns. Interesting. Lots more pictures and news to come soon!

During the drive yesterday, I kept thinking, why am I doing this?! This morning, as the sun came up and Katchi and I had a look across the cross country course and the Rolex stadium in the distance - I remembered why. It was the most beautiful sight in the world.

JOG OUTFIT! Did I pick a good one?! So much for winning "best presented" this year - Katchi didn't even get a final brush off... but, mom, I got my lipstick on!

Katchi's tried to find a windbreak in his stall. It's not very effective, but he's enjoying his nap anyhow. He actually pretty much hates me right now. If anyone wants a horse, he's looking for a new owner - preferably who lives in Florida or California!


  1. I love the red! It looks fantastic with Katchi and your hair color! Also, considering the weather you picked an appropriately sensible, but stylish option!

  2. Whew! Glad you managed the lipstick as brightened up the look and you passed the jog. Yep, lipstick for a jog is a good thing! Good for dressage too-----mom