Sunday, October 16, 2011

Fair Hill Fun on Foot!

All the "real" eventing sites have all the Fair Hill news and horse photos, so this post is full of the "other" pictures - proof of how FUN Fair Hill is on foot! I'm absolutely swamped with trying to get everything ready to leave for Kentucky at o'dark-thirty on Wednesday morning, but with this beautiful fall weather, I just couldn't miss Fair Hill! And what fun we had!!! We had a whole gang out... up to no good all weekend!

The whole group out by the "haunted corner"!

XC Tailgaters!

Random spectators (at the coffin)

I saw several public announcements last week about the coming of the ATM machine to Fair Hill. This is not exactly what I expected! Notice the low-jack on the front tire!

Possibly overheard at the wine tasting table along the long walk from the XC start/finish back to the vendors: "Hey, I know you from the other bar!" Dooh!

The Vendor Fair


The pictures say it all!

Debi - she's in the Dubarry club now!

My old boots didn't look so old until they stood next to a new pair! Well loved.

I own the new pair now. I'm imagining a trophy case in my dream barn to display Dubarries over a lifetime - each retired pair resting in honor!


Aren't you jealous that you weren't there?!?! See you in 2012!


  1. and that's the last time Cherie ever hands her camera to her students

  2. always hand camera to students!!! dubarry guy was so awesome

  3. Love the whole post. That poor Dubarry rep!

  4. Ha. I want Dubarrys, but my wallet doesn't have $500 rattling around in it right now. Such is life. Looks like fun regardless!