Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Windy Wofford Wednesday

In January, we had White Winter Wofford Wednesday - today we had Windy Wofford Wednesday! Jimmy returned to Baywood Farms today for our second gymnastics clinic, with a bit of course work. As we prepare for the show season, Jimmy craft-fully combined gymnastics exercises with cantering single fences and lines, always looking to train the horses for better balance and quick responses. Jimmy definitely had his work cut out for him as he polished off our winter rust!

Jimmy demonstrating for "the professor" - Percy spent his 21st pony birthday in his first Jimmy clinic!

I always tell people that every time I ride with Jimmy, he never ceases to teach me something amazing! Today, he once again, saw something that astounded me (HOW DOES HE SEE THESE THINGS!). He noticed that I was looking at my fences, but I was tending to look down the right side of Katchi's neck to the fence, rather than straight through his ears. Jim said that could effect my distance judgment. Wow. Okay, so I've recently noticed an occasional tendency to jump just slightly left of center of my fences - I wonder if that's why (I mean, that, combined with my weak left leg and general crookedness toe to head!). Something new to contemplate!

Overall, I was really pleased with our work today. Katchi was a bit riled up on his home turf in the wind, watching his pasture buddies frolic without him. But, as Jim said - oh too bad! While we had our share of icky fences and Katchi got told he was a "so wrong" a few times - Jim was definitely looking for disciplined accuracy today (I won't say perfection - if there's one thing I've learned from Jim it's not to think I'll be perfect!) and I appreciated the chance to show that we could meet his demands!

Katchi & me getting an earful of Wofford Wisdom

So, here are a few clips of Katchi's very good moments.

(Thanks to Shane & Laura for their photgraphy and videography skills!)

And for one final note and image, THANK YOU so much to Sharon, Sarah Bratton's mom - who gave me the coolest thank you gift. I thought she had given me a beautiful butterfly in a jar, and I was trying to figure what I was supposed to do with this poor trapped creature - when she showed me it's a delicate faux butterfly attached to a tiny wire with a battery that makes it flutter around. I was stunned! It is SO real looking! And the cat - oh the cat - he has a new play toy! Thank You Sharon!!


  1. Thanks for adding the video... I felt that I had a lesson too!

  2. Thank you for organizing. It was nice to have Jimmy so close to home. We had a great time and a lot came together for Everest and I.