Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Katchi!!

Katchi turned 10 years old today!!! So, I baked him a horse cake! I've never thought of actually baking for my horse, but when I saw Abby's amazing baked Christmas treats for her pony, well, I felt like a terrible mom! I'd never baked for Katchi! So, his birthday seemed like a good excuse to try something out - a cored apple, stuffed with bananas and maple & brown sugar oatmeal - a little water and into the oven! About 30 minutes later, it looked pretty awesome! Unfortunately, by the time Katchi got it this afternoon, it had spent the night in the fridge and the day in a tupperware in my office. When I plopped it out into his dish, the guys at the barn had a good laugh - they said, "uuummm, yummy!" If they didn't think I was weird before, today I definitely became "that weird girl who bakes for her horse." Katchi had to devour his beloved rice bran first, but he eventually made his way to his special treat - and complained that I should have peeled off the apple skin! Apparently baked apple with skin is not worthy of his high class refined tastes!
But, he suffered through and licked his bowl clean!

So today was Katchi's special day - I've had him since he was 5 1/2 - I can hardly believe he's 10! It's like he's supposed to be a grown up now or something! We'll see about that! Happy Birthday Katchi!

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