Friday, November 5, 2010

WEG Photo Album

I know, WEG's over, but I want to go back! What a tremendous competition - and every time I hate the sitting trot, I think back to how good eventers have gotten in dressage (no matter what those dressage queens said about us!) - and I sit a few minutes longer! Anyhow, I'm collecting pictures from my WEG travel companions, so thought I'd post a few of my favorites from Kerry's sister Christie. She has one heck of a camera and got some great shots on XC day!

Boyd and Neville coming to the sunken road.


I love Comet! An OTTB you know! I read something last winter, shortly after Becky Holder moved to the orange Georgia clay - Comet got himself so orange that they called him "Courageous Cheeto"!!!

Dirk Schrade (Germany) on Gadget de le Cere

I think I mentioned that the WEG shopping was a bit disappointing - this picture (of me & Kerry) represents all things purchased - except for that $15 plastic glass of wine from a hot dog street vendor cart (I'm still stunned). Ariat saved the shopping! They had some awesome attire at normal prices. And credit to the USEF for my hat - love the TeamUSA gear - still wondering why the fashion designer of that line didn't help our eventers with their jog attire!

I've mentioned to several people that I found one jump on XC that Katchi could jump - #7B. So thought I'd post a picture. It's a ditch. We'll pass on #7A and #7C, but if they could just remove #7A, so I could get a nice line, we'll have a go at #7B. :) It's all about consistent little steps in the direction of big goals, right?!

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