Friday, November 12, 2010

The Run Katchi Run Helmet Cam!

This post is coming to you from one state up, Pennsylvania - where it felt like summer today! Lovin' this beautiful weather! I've come up for 3 days at True Prospect Farm for a post-season training camp before Katchi starts a few weeks off. Was able to get a private show jumping lesson with Boyd Martin today, which was fantastic! He immediately narrowed in on some weaknesses in Katchi's training and gave me some good ideas for winter exercises. Tomorrow and Sunday we'll be riding in a clinic with Phillip Dutton - he's moved around and added a lot of fences to his XC course, so I'm excited to try out some of the new challenges since Katchi and I were "duttonized" in summer 2009 (check out the other blog that started it all - Cherie & Katchi Get Duttonized).

BUT - that's not why I'm writing tonight! This post is to share The Run Katchi Run Helmet Cam footage from the Virginia Horse Trials 2 weeks ago. My mom (a HUGE fan of Henny's helmet cams) came along to be my groom (not to mention being the fan club president, chief treat giver, and Katchi's grandma) - and when she heard that Brant Gamma was renting helmet cams for XC - she ran to sign me up! I sort of had mixed feelings about it - but, I am SO glad my mom wanted it so bad, because I LOVE IT! I was worried it might capture foul language and require a "parental advisory" warning on you-tube. But, don't worry -I kept it clean! I was also worried it wouldn't be as "cool" as Henny's camera. But, to me at least, it is! What I didn't realize was how much I would learn from it! XC happens so fast - even at Training level with a time penalty! This has given me an opportunity to take a second look at things - see where and how I lost my lines - see where I wasted precious seconds - and watch Katchi's ears (this is definitely NOT something of interest while riding the course!).

So, here it is - the first ever Run Katchi Run Helmet Cam!! Hope you like! :)

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