Friday, January 8, 2010

The Ribbon Fairy

Did you know there is a ribbon fairy? There is. She came to my house today. And I love her.

I came home from work tonight to an unexpected package at my front door from Area II. I thought they must have mistakenly sent me the obligatory new member hat by mistake, but it was no mistake! The ribbon fairy had come to visit!

Last year, I signed Katchi up for the Area II Novice high point competition, and despite a little glitch in our Novice point accumulation when we (very happily!) moved up to Training level in the summer - Katchi finished 5th in Area II for Open Novice! Nice one Katchi! And they sent us the biggest and most beautiful ribbon (yea, I've got a thing for ribbons!). It's seriously huge! Probably at least 3 feet long! Area II put together a very nice page and some stories about all the points participants - Click here.

Also, while I'm raving about Area II - I'll also give them one more huge Thank You for generously awarding me a 2009 scholarship. Although every penny that contributes to a rider and horseman's continual learning is greatly appreciated, it's also a huge morale boost to not only be validated with (very large and pretty!) ribbons but also by folks who believe your goals are possible! I asked myself the other day if Phillip Dutton ever sits on a horse and cries because he just can't get something right. Okay, I realize that's pretty unlikely. But, maybe he did as a kid. Maybe?! Anyhow, it's on days like that, long after the scholarship money is spent, that the meaning of the award keeps you going back into the dressage arena another day!

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  1. Hi Cherie! Thanks for your comment on my blog! I actually think I rode in the clinic you organized with Jimmy Wofford last spring-- it was a great clinic (hoping there'll be another this year! :) How cool that we have so much in common! This was my first year back to evening after a 5 year break for school and work, so I'm really hoping to get more involved in Area II and the eventing community this season. Your blog is great -- we can inspire one another to keep writing/riding during these nasty winter months, and hopefully I'll get to meet you out and about in the spring! Are you thinking of heading south for any of the early season events?