Saturday, January 16, 2010

The NEW Katchi Mobile!

The New Katchi Mobile is here! And I LOVE it! Katchi thinks I'm very weird and doesn't see what the big deal is... yet! After several months of debating custom features, weighing all the options, and waiting... waiting... I picked it up last night from Traveled Lane Trailers in Centreville, MD - I cannot give them in higher recommendation! I think I've asked every stupid question (and a few smart ones too!) through this process - and Jon kindly answered every single one and then a few! And what a trailer I have now! It is FABULOUS! I upgraded from a bumper-pull to a gooseneck (the brand is Shadow), and it took about 30 seconds of driving down the road to totally fall in love with it! Of course, I am laughing pretty hard at my shiny beautiful sparkling trailer, and my faithful and not so shiny truck - they're quite the odd couple!

This afternoon, taking advantage of this much appreciated warm-spell, I had a little trailer warming party! Thanks so much to all my fabulous friends who hung out, drank some wine (and champagne!), ate Ilkim's awesome spinach pastries, Adrianne's sinful giant cookies, and my mom's chocolates & fudge (shipped all the way from California just for the occasion!). Adrianne's husband, Erik, checked out all the hinges and latches and everything for me - which is good that someone did that because all I've been capable of the last 24 hours is repeating over and over again "isn't it SO beautiful?!" with a huge grin on my face - like someone straight out of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest"!

Adrianne's Isis was the first "horse" in the trailer, and it was just her size (Isis is an 11 year old Great Dane - check out the picture of Isis with Erik - the trailer really is just her size)! Katchi was the next in - after a thorough sniffing and general inspection, he made his way inside to christen it with a lovely pile of manure! As if Katchi didn't already know it, he definitely thought we'd lost our crackers today - we put him in this new sparkling box, take lots of pictures, raised our hot pink plastic glasses of wine, laughed like little kids, and then took him back out. Very very strange humans.
Katchi will go for his first trip in the new trailer tomorrow - we have a lesson with Silva Martin. They're calling for rain tomorrow, so that will be a fun adventure. I'm so glad my friend Debi is coming with me to keep me from panicking as I drive over the Bay Bridge in the rain in my SHINY new trailer!!

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