Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Ribbon Fairy Came Again

There is something especially nice when the Ribbon Fairy chooses just any old Monday to pay a visit! The USDF Ribbon Fairy delivered my First Level Performance Award and patch yesterday, and I have to admit, it's market value may be about $1.34 - but it's priceless to me! And just as I'm making plans to let Katchi give Second Level a whirl, it's quite a sense of accomplishment to have checked the box of repeatable success at First Level! And considering that Katchi only does 1 or 2 dressage shows a year, we've got a pretty respectable batting average!

But here's my question - what do I do with the patch? Does the USDF have letterman jackets (can you imagine a bunch of DQs in letterman jackets with Training, First, and Second Level patches - oh and what about the Gold, Silver and Bronze medals?!) - Okay, no letterman jackets - so what do you think their intention is that we do with these patches? Maybe put them on my dressage coat bag? On Katchi's cooler? On a saddle pad??


  1. One of the endurance riders I follow just posted about her memory book: http://bootsandsaddles4mel.blogspot.com/2011/05/endurance-memory-book.html

    I love the idea of including the patches with a photo or two of the ride(s) that earned it!

  2. Sew on a pillow for the sofa

  3. I actually think it could be very cool to have a jacket with a few patches...think vintage canvas jacket with cool pockets and patches on the sleeves. Why not? Conversation starter if nothing else! I have thought about making a quilt incorporating ribbons and such so that's an idea too (like the pillow as well). In any case, CONGRATS!