Saturday, February 26, 2011

Big Girl Dreams

It's interesting how dreams change. Some dreams become long term goals, and then short term goals, and reality, and the present, and past. Others you grow out of - and sometimes that's okay! Katchi's glad I gave up the astronaut dream. But still other dreams get pushed to the side by the immediacy of life - of traffic, school, a job, a mortgage - how easily we lose sight of our dreams!

A couple of weeks ago, while I was teaching lessons at Equidistance - my good friend Laura made a surprise appearance to audit and deliver my Christmas gift! The gift was a book - a big fat coffee table book of dreams come true - in horse barns and farms! I cannot begin to describe in words the beauty of these farms - they are nothing less than stunning! The horses must look out in awe and wonder at their good fortune!

Stables: Beautiful Paddocks, Horse Barns, and Tack Rooms
Kathryn Masson (author) & Paul Rocheleau (Photographer)

I have a file that I throw clippings of ideas for barn design or set-up into - I love discovering new clever ideas to make the horses happier or the stable chores easier - or the barn more beautiful! And someday, I dream of pulling out that file of clippings and making them into a reality. And now, thanks to Laura, I have a big book that I'm tabbing full of post-it notes so that one day it may be my bible as I put the finishing touches on my very own dream farm! I may not have $20 million to spend on it, but I have dreams and you've gotta start someplace!

At the bottom of the gift card, Laura wrote "Believe in your Dreams." Simple advice, yet one too many of us forget too often. Thank you for reminding me, Laura!

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  1. That dream will become a reality! It just may take both of us so back to work I go--------- mom