Sunday, November 11, 2012

Final Days of 2012 Event Season

Having only made it to only one event in 2012 with Katchi, writing about the end of the season is bittersweet.  In many ways, I'm glad to be done with this year.  I'm ready to start 2013 fresh and new... with many of the same goals I had for 2012, that went unrealized all year.  I'm still stunned that 2012 was the year that never really got started for us. It's disheartening to realize that I have nothing to look forward to at the various annual awards banquets.  But, despite the deep downs this year, there have been many highs and I feel Katchi and I are stronger than ever. In 2012, Katchi earned me the USDF Performance Award in 2nd level - something I'm not sure I ever really thought possible.  And I have my eyes solidly set on 3rd level -- something I definitely never thought possible!  And we found real success at our many jumper shows this summer - something I hope to capitalize on fully as we start the spring eventing season.  And I'm already looking forward to a do-over with Aiken ...  with big time goals of trotting and cantering and even JUMPING in the state of South Carolina in 2013!  For me, winter is always about taking the time to re-evaluate and fill in the training gaps...  which change but never seem to get smaller no matter how many winters pass!  We have a lot to work on this winter!

Meanwhile, I am so very thankful to the wonderful students I have had the privilege of working with this year!  While I have been so severely sidelined myself, they have kept me motivated, inspired, and hopeful.  They have given me a reason to show up at the events, walk courses, study rides, and plan for future lessons and perfection!  And they've given me a hoarse voice more than a few times from cheering like a maniac as they've made me so very proud! I can't wait to do it all again in 2013!

Today I coached a student at CDCTA - her first recognized event and the final event for 2013.  Perhaps it was the sun and 70 degree weather, but it just didn't feel like the end!  Sort of hard to make winter training plans, standing around melting wishing you had worn shorts!  In thinking back over the year and seeing how much several of my students have improved and how happy they have been moving up the levels - they inspire me!  And so it's off to the drawing board and the planning book...  because 2013 is going to be amazing!!!